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As much as I would like to take on new customers, alas, my plate is full! So, no more for now. Sorry !!
 What I Do ...   I do simple "brochure" websites that tell about a customer's business, project, or ministry. All are done on a pro bono basis (a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment). My customers pay an annual fee for registration of their domain name. That is the only cost I recover. There is no charge for their space on my web server or for my services.

But, this is no fly-by-night adventure: I've been supporting one customer for over 20 years.


 Who are my customers?   Feel free to visit the websites featured in the left menu. As of October, 2017, they are all somewhat different. However, in October 2017 I developed some model web pages built on hand-coded HTML-5 and CSS-3, with some JavaScript used as required. Note that the site for The Lexington Singers in in Wordpress, and is maintained by a good friend and member of that organization. "One of these days" I'm going to carve out some time to learn Wordpress and convert everything to it; for now, hand-coding will continue.